RENTAL  Assistance Services

People rent houses, duplexes, condos, and apartments for various reasons.

TOP 10 reasons people say they rather rent......

1. Lack of credibility  to qualify for a loan

2. Lack of up front cash to purchase (downpayment and closing costs)

3. Long term flexibility - not certain if they will remain in a particular area

4. Job assignment not stable in a certain geographical area

5. Don't believe they should own a house

6. Afraid and have never tried

7. Don't want to maintain repairs

8. Don't have time to go through loan process - need housing NOW

9. Not ready to own real estate at this time

10. Don't know the process to owning - have never tried...

Regardless of what your reason for RENTING a property might READY TEAM Realtors,

we can help. Ready Team RENTAL ASSISTANCE services include: 

  • locating available rentals

  • scheduling showings

  • showing the interior of property

  • negotiating the lease

  • facilitating paperwork, if necessary

  • Assisting with details until YOU take occupancy

  • Follow up with YOU after possession

There are many variables to consider before we can fully assess the needs and provide 

real estate services to a RENTAL prospect. 

Step #1 - make application.

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